What’s helping me help you?

Welcome again! And let me say, I’m more than excited, blessed, and grateful that you have found your way to my blog for yet another post!

If there is one thing that people know for a fact, it’s that we don’t always know it all! We’re constantly learning and looking for resources that can help us with where we are in this exact point of our lives.  I have plenty of resources that I turn to on a daily basis, and would be more than thrilled to share with you where I get my knowledge, so you can learn some more too!

Let me start with the most basic.  When I started my wellness journey, I turned to basically the only thing I knew and thought would help: Pinterest! I still to this day throughout my journey use Pinterest for things from recipes to workouts to quotes that can help me through those rough days.  I love Pinterest and recommend it at any time to turn to.

When I furthered my wellness journey, I became a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (more commonly known as IIN).  This class has changed my life! I am so happy that I have the opportunity to attend classes and listen to lectures from the world’s largest nutrition school! How blessed! This class helps me focus on Primary Foods (my relationships, job, exercise habits, and spirituality) and challenges me to focus on the parts of my life that are a little less easy to grasp on to.  In addition to helping me balance my life outside of food, I have learned the importance of whole foods, fermented foods, healing my gut, and balancing my hormones.  What an incredible opportunity!


Earlier this year, I was introduced to iTunes Podcasts.  What an amazing discovery, and I am forever grateful of the person that recommended them to me because I am so in love with them! My all time favorite podcasts are the Colorful Eats podcast and the Healthy Moms Podcast.  Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But you’re not a mom!!?” (Correct, I am not a mom) This podcast is so informative about so many healthy habits, ways of eating, ways of living for a busy woman (of which I definitely categorize myself with), how to balance hormones, heal your gut, and buy healthy food on a budget! I mean who wouldn’t love to learn how to get the best possible quality while not breaking the bank?? (I’m over here raising my hand and chanting, “Me! Me! Me!”) I love Colorful Eats because they are two of the most positive women trying to make the world a better place.  They are both NTP’s, which is comparable to what I am working towards while studying at IIN.  They talk about their struggles finding healthy eating habits, how they maintain them, and all about the body.  They have amazing speakers on their podcast that talk about mental health, physical health, emotions and how to deal with the rough stuff.  They are such a positive inspiration and I look forward to listening to them every Monday morning



As some of you may or may not know, I’m a total nerd and love love love a good book.  Or many good books, but hey who’s counting?  I stumbled upon this book while listening to my favorite podcast, Colorful Eats.  It’s called Eat the Yolks and is such an positive attribute to anyone who is trying to heal themselves through their diet.  It emphasizes the benefit of those healthy fats and how they can be such a benefit to the diet.


I hope sharing my resources with you helped! Remember, we cannot go along this path of life alone! Please feel free to share what has helped you in the past or request for more detailed information by reaching me through the contact information section of my blog.  I hope all of you have a blessed week and love on yourself a little bit.

Much love and gratitude,


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